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You know, I just spent an hour or so composing my final blog AND MY COMPUTER CRASHES.

OK, here's the short version:

1) My adjunct work in Bloomington unexpectedly went pfft. If I stayed in town, I would have endured starvation and homelessness as there are no jobs to be had in just about any field that would employ me.

2) I decided to move to Chicago to find work. I found some adjunct work right away, but not enough for a living. I decided to risk it and hoped to make my own luck. I found a lovely, affordable apartment in a nice neighborhood.

3) I endured any number of travails to make the move at the end of July 2002 (or, as I prefer to call it, Shitstorm 2002) with little preparation time.

4) As I am ready to leave Bloomington, I am offered a job interview for a full-time teaching job in Chicago the day I am moving into town.

5) The truck I rented broke down three times on the way here. I ended up leaving the truck in Lafayette, IN so I could make the interview, and returned the next day to pick it up after it was "fixed". It broke down the exact same way the next day -- a few miles from my apartment.

6) I got the full-time, tenure-track teaching job in Chicago. Yipee!!!!!!

7) I am excited about my current circumstances. I am not so excited about this blog nowadays. It's long story I wrote out and lost to the aforementioned crash, and I don't feel like recounting it. It involves plagiarism (people DO treat the internet as a poachable "idea farm"), feeling at a disadvantage because of disclosures made on this site, a possible Blog Jinx, etc. I am removing all the old bloggings for fear of more Blog Fallout. If you're looking for blogs to read, may I suggest you visit any of the blogs listed under "Guilt by Association"?

I have not kept up with folks as I have been hellabusy, but I think at least two of these have ceased operation. But they're keeping all their pages online.

8) I appreciate all the people I met through this weblog, and hope to maintain acquaintances and friendships as time and circumstances allow. Certainly, I love the folks I've met face to face through this dealie. But the dealie itself has been a mixed bag (see #7), and my current teaching load suggests that something needs to be taken off the to-do list. But all the virtual friendships this dealie (and Le Internet in general) enabled made my stay in Bloomington a lot less lonely, and certainly has made Chicago a welcoming place.

9) I don't expect to be completely off La Vida Blogga, as I expect to design a blog-based English composition course for 2003. Which will rule.

10) Thanks for reading, folks. :)

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