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Chris Echaurre is writing. He is writing that he is a senior at NYU. He is living in New York. He was born in Seattle, Washington. It's very nice in Seattle, Washington. His family lives there. "Valentine" is his first published piece. "Valentine" wants to be something larger and probably will be but not for another ten years or so. Chris would like to thank Jenny Egan for her help bringing "Valentine" along as far as it has come. Thank you Jenny Egan for helping bring "Valentine" as far as it has come.

Sheryl Fowler currently works as an Electronic Classroom Support Consultant at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. Assorted poetry and the short story "The Garbo Summer" have appeared in Aubade, the literary magazine of Mary Washington College. "Bridge" is one of four linked short stories that keep threatening to make a novel of themselves, if only the right union emerges.

Robert Klein Engler lives in Chicago. His poems and stories have appeared in Borderlands, Evergreen Chronicles, Hyphen, Christopher Street, The James White Review, American Letters and Commentary, Literal Latte, and many other magazines, journals and online e-zines. His books of poetry, SHORELINE and MEDICINE SIGNS, are published by Alphabeta Press. He was the recipient of an Illinois Arts Council Literary Awards for his poem "Three Poems for Kabbalah," which appeared in FISH STORIES COLLECTIVE 2.

Praised by The Village Voice as "a masterful conjurer of eros and longing," Gerry Gomez Pearlberg's poetry, fiction, essays, and travel writings have appeared in numerous publications, Chelsea, WOMEN ON WOMEN 3, HERS2, The James White Review, modern words, The Lesbian Review of Books, Pucker Up, QUEER VIEW MIRROR 2, and elsewhere. She is the editor of three poetry anthologies: THE KEY TO EVERYTHING: CLASSIC LESBIAN LOVE POEMS (nominated for a Lambda Award in 1995), THE ZENITH OF DESIRE: CONTEMPORARY LESBIAN POEMS ABOUT SEX, and most recently, QUEER DOG: HOMO/PUP/POETRY, a collection of dog-related verse by lesbian and gay poets published by Cleis Press. Her book of poems, MARIANNE FAITHFULL'S CIGARETTE, is being published by Cleis in Spring '98. In addition, THE FETISH PAPERS, an experimental prose work, is being published in a limited, hand bound edition by Big Fat Press in early 1998.

Joey Manley is the author of THE DEATH OF DONNA-MAY DEAN (St. Martin's Press, 1991). He is currently the Director of the Free Speech Internet Television Project at

m.b. o'connor is a poet and fiction writer who mainly spends her time these days teaching composition and personal essay to college students. she's been published in various anthologies and litmags, and she has a poem in transit on the ithaca city bus line. her full length collection of poems, SAY GOODNIGHT BEFORE THE HOUSE FALLS DOWN, may or may not ever attain published status, but it made the finals in a couple of those contests with the $20 fees that she can no longer afford. she will be paying off the halcyon grad school years for the foreseeable ever.

Ruthann Robson is the author of two novels, A/K/A and ANOTHER MOTHER, both from St. Martin's, two short story collections, CECILE and EYE OF A HURRICANE, both from Firebrand Books, and two books of lesbian legal theory, LESBIAN (OUT)LAW and the forthcoming SAPPHO GOES TO LAW SCHOOL.

D. Travers Scott is the author of a novel, EXECUTION, TEXAS: 1987 (St. Martin's Press) and editor of the forthcoming anthology STRATEGIC SEX. His fiction and essays have been anthologized in BEST AMERICAN GAY FICTION 2, GAY MEN AT THE MILLENNIUM, POMOSEXUALS, THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF GAY EROTICA, BEST GAY EROTICA 1996 & 1997, RECLAIMING THE HEARTLAND, SWITCH HITTERS, and elsewhere. He has also published fiction, pornography, performance scripts and cultural criticism in periodicals such as Women and Performance, International Drummer, High Performance, New Art Examiner, Harper's, Steam, Black Sheets and Holy Titclamps. He lives in Seattle with the sculptor David Eckard.

Aldo Alvarez's short fiction has seen print in The ARK/Angel Review, Pen & Sword Hypersite, Blue Penny Quarterly, Amelia, Art & Understanding, GayPlace Magazine, Christopher Street and BEST AMERICAN GAY FICTION 1996 (Little, Brown/Back Bay Books). His work will also be featured in CONTRA/DICTIONS: QUEER MALE FICTION (Arsenal Pulp Press), out in Fall 1998. He received a Master's of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Columbia University in the city of New York. Currently a Clifford D. Clark Fellow at Binghamton University, he teaches and pursues a Doctorate in English. Born and raised in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, he currently lives in Binghamton, New York.

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