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This issue of Blithe House Quarterly showcases gay and lesbian fiction from the wettest region in North America: the land between the Pacific and the volcanic Cascades. It is a soft land of thick rainforests and sodden valleys, its edges blurred by grey filtered light, but anyone who has lived here with attention has felt it as one place, a cultural and ecological region far more vivid than the lines that divide it among three states and one Canadian province. The region is known for many kinds of culture and ferment, including grunge music, microbrews, mildew, and distinctively-voiced fictions. We are pleased to present this sampling of Cascadian fruits.

Blithe House Quarterly, Volume Three, Number Three, was edited and art-directed by Jarrett Walker and designed and published by Aldo Alvarez from March to June 1999. Many thanks to the authors who've generously shared their work with us for this issue.

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