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About The Editors

A child of young artists, JARRETT WALKER rode his stepfather's shoulders through Vietnam war protests carrying his own handwritten signs, which always had too many words to be read from a distance. Throughout his youth, he helped sell jewelry and batik in craft fairs across the Pacific Northwest, which led logically to a B.A. in Mathematics (Pomona College), a Ph.D. in Drama and Humanities (Stanford), and a career as a city planning consultant. His work on Shakespeare's Coriolanus appeared in the Summer 1992 Shakespeare Quarterly, while his current book project, HUMAN TRANSIT: Public Transportation for a Civilized World, emerges with difficulty through a stream of ruminative travel writing. Eligible but not desperate, he divides his time between Portland, Berkeley, and southeastern Australia. Before joining BHQ as a regular editor, he guest-edited the Cascadian Issue (BHQ3.3) of Blithe House Quarterly.

For a sampling of his travel writing and essays on the idea of place, or for his credentials in modern dance with kangaroos, visit


ALDO ALVAREZ is the author of INTERESTING MONSTERS (Graywolf Press), a collection of short fiction. A nominee for the 2002 Violet Quill Award, City Pages called INTERESTING MONSTERS "experimental fiction meant for wide audiences -- very accessible and entertaining...It is also queer fiction that has grown up past adolescence; it's affectionate and funny, but reasonable."

Aldo received a Master's of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Columbia University in the city of New York and a Ph.D. in English from Binghamton University (SUNY). He was a Fiction Scholar at the Bread Loaf Writers' Conference in 1998. Aldo Alvarez was recently honored by OUT Magazine's OUT 100 list of "gay success stories of 2001".

Visit Aa, Aldo Alvarez's homesite, at


About The Designer

STEVE MACISAAC graduated from the Unviersity of New Brunswick in 1994, somehow earning a Master's Degree in English Literature and Creative Writing during those few moments he managed to stray out of the radio station. He spent the next six years working in alternative radio and alternative media before immersing himself in interdisciplinary studies at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, where he is learning how to write with images.

For a sampling of other illustration and artwork, visit


About The Authors

GAVIN AUSTIN was born and educated in Victoria, but is now a Sydney based writer. His poetry has appeared in various Australian anthologies and magazines. His short fiction and articles has been published in several Australian journals and anthologies, including BRIEFS (WriteSpot Publishers International, Aus.), MEMORIES OF THE 20TH CENTURY (Arrow Publishing, Aus.), Spring Fever (Readers’ World, Aus.), and scheduled to appear in MEETING THE CHALLENGE (Arrow Publishing, Aus.) early in 2002.


 BENEDICT CIANTAR has worked in many jobs which are too numerous and monotonous to mention here, but they provided many hours for him experiment with writing. In 1991 his first novel, DISTRACTIONS was published in Sydney by BlackWattle Press. Extracts appeared in TRAVELLING ON LOVE IN A TIME ON UNCERTAINTY (BlackWattle Press, Ed. Garry Dunne, 1990) and AUSTRALIAN GAY AND LESBIAN WRITING: An Anthology (Oxford University Press, Ed. Robert Dessaix, 1994). The next several years were spent battling a particularly severe case of constipation, which culminated in the short story, "The Man who Mistook his Bowel for a Sponge" (Sponge Magazine, 1997). This is his first story for Blithe House Quarterly. He lives in Sydney, Australia.



KAREN GAI DEAN lectures in literature and film/media at the University of Ballarat, Australia. She was awarded her doctorate for a Cultural Studies dissertation, "PERFECTLY CLEAR": the image of Richard M. Nixon.



DEAN DURBER says: I struggle to find an identity that fits but find strange solace in defining myself as a queer Gen X anarchist. It's the anger that gets me up in the morning and the anger that puts me to bed. I love my anger. It won’t shut up. It won't let me spend my life working in an office where the air has been so over-recycled, it is not even worth taking a breath. Get a loan. Get a mortgage. Shop for tomorrow. Let your employer ruin your life. No thank you. I write because my security and my comfort are not something I look for in the future.

Some of my anger can be found at:

Some of my fiction work can be found at:
BOY MEETS BOY (St. Martin's Press)
EXHIBITIONS (Arsenal Pulp Press)

Information about my current academic research can be found at:



DEBORAH HUNN is a freelance writer and editor. She has a Ph.D. on queer theory and the novels of Virginia Woolf from the University of Western Australia and has taught English, Media Studies and Women's Studies courses in several Australian Universities. Her work has been published in journals, book collections and webzines and she currently claims to be writing a novel set in 1980/1981 (a period she is now trying to remember) although poems keep happening instead. Her essay on the novel LOADED, by Australian gay writer Christos Tsiolkas, and its cult film version HEAD ON, is included in the recent book TERRITORIES OF DESIRE IN QUEER CULTURE: Refiguring Contemporary Boundaries. See for details.

Other sites of interest include:

A fan of Australian Rules Football and of the late, great Dusty Springfield, she also recommends:



Born and bred in Sydney, FIONA MCGREGOR has lived there most of her life. Author of a novel, AU PAIR (McPhee Gribble,1993), and a book of interlinked short stories, SUCK MY TOES (McPhee Gribble 1994, Allen & Unwin 1996). "Silk" is an extract from CHEMICAL PALACE, published in Australia by Allen and Unwin and in America by IPG in North America. CHEMICAL PALACE has been shorlisted for the NSW Premier's Awards.


KELLY PILGRIM currently lives in Perth, Western Australia. Her first memory of writing was when she won a 'spooky' short story competition, which bestowed upon her two tickets to "Close Encounters of the Third Kind." She works full time, and has been studying part time (for what seems like way too many years!) Next year Kelly will complete a Bachelor of Arts (Creative Writing) at Curtin University of Technology and then hopefully embark on a Masters in Creative Writing.

With co-author, Bron Bateman, she's recently had her first collection of poetry accepted by an English publisher (Ragged Raven) due for release in June 2002 in Australia, the UK and some parts of the USA. Her poetry has been seen in Australian magazines and journals: Hecate, Australian Writers Journal, Idiom 23, Centoria, Muse, Blast, IN BLACK AND WHITE and IN OUR OWN WORDS: A Generation Defining Itself (Volume 1 and Volume 2), reviewed here.



GINA SCHIEN's short stories have been published in various anthologies in Australia as well as in the THE VINTAGE BOOK OF INTERNATIONAL LESBIAN FICTION (Vintage, 1999). She is the author of TIMING THE HEART (BlackWattle Press,1995). Her play RELATIVE COMFORT was produced at Bailiwick Theatre in Chicago as part of their Pride 2000 season. She has been a resident at the MacDowell Colony in New Hampshire. She lives in Sydney with her girlfriend and a great view of the city.





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