How to submit

Submissions are currently closed Spring 2007 issue.

All submissions sent between 12/2/06 and 9/1/07 will not be read and considered for publication.

E-mail your submission to as an attached word processing file; a cover letter in the body of the email -- usually a short bio and short list of previous publications -- should accompany your story. Electronic manuscriptfiles should be laid out in traditional manuscript format as sketched out in the Writers Market and other similar publications; the manuscript file must include the author's name, e-mail address and phone number on the first page of the document.

Most software formats can be translated and read for consideration (and re-translated to HTML). Files in Microsoft Word or Rich-Text Format are especially welcome.  Please do not submit text-only files. Please do not send stories as text or HTML files pasted into the body of an email; AOL has been unable to handle such submissions without distorting the text. Do not send stories with embedded illustrations.

For common general questions about BHQ guidelines and policies, please consult the FAQ linked above. Please feel free to write if you have any questions the these pages don't answer.

Cheryl E. Klein and Chip Livingston, Fiction Editors
Aldo Alvarez, Publisher and Executive Editor, Blithe House Quarterly